“Luca’s coaching sessions provided a constructive and nurturing platform that allowed me to get clear about my life direction and priorities in a positive way. His insight and guidance enabled me to tap into my own strengths, self-belief, and happiness. I can highly recommend his approach to coaching. 

Rob Clark, London


“When talking to Luca, I felt really accepted and a trust rose spontaneously from inside of me, even though it was the first time that we sat together and I had never met him before. This space of acceptance and non-judgment allowed me to be myself and to express with great easy deep feelings and very personal events of my life. Luca listened to me and I felt he really understood me. With some simple questions, but very to the point, he challenged my thinking and helped me find in myself the answers I was looking for.”

Barbara Costamagna, Genoa


“Luca has worked for our company (Asta del Mobile) in one to one coaching sessions and in groups. I have witnessed both of these dynamics personally and I have to say that I am glad I did. On a personal level, I was able to pinpoint the way to improve in an area of my life that I had worked on for years. Luca helped me understand my inner values and believes to then give me very practical techniques to finally get where I wanted to go with this. His encouragement and support infused me with the enthusiasm and commitment necessary to try them out. I have also attended some group coaching sessions and I was happy to see that an environment of trust and open communication had been created. This brought a greater and real harmony among employees because, with some new communication tools, people understood how to deal with some issues that had created tension in the past, in a very peaceful and understanding way.

Nicola La Cecilia, Finale Ligure – Genoa


“It has been an experience that has changed the way I deal with the external world, with myself and other people without changing my real nature. This experience has opened my eyes to who I am and what I want to be”

Irene Ducoli, Rome


“I have been on a coaching program with Luca for 5 months. I can say that he is a wonderful, competent person. He has always been there for me and ready to support me in every moment. He has helped me a lot in improving many different aspects of my life. I would do again this experience 100 times and I recommend it to everyone!”

Davide La Cecilia, Genoa


“I met Luca a year and a half ago and he shared with me that he had started a career as a professional coach. After his certification, I asked him to help me with some of my personal problems. I had already gone to a psychoanalyst for 6 years and I got much out of these sessions. But life requires continuous adjustments. I found in Luca that figure between a psychotherapist and the “do-it-yourself” approach that so often doesn’t take you anywhere…With very few sessions I was able to remove mental blocks that were really bothering me. After one year from those sessions, I still find that those blocks are gone and this assures me that they are gone for good! What strikes me most about Luca is that I could also talk to him on the phone if needed and I appreciated his deep humanity and listening skills” 

Wagih Alhusaini, Rome


“To be honest I was a little skeptic in the beginning because I didn’t really know what coaching was and therefore I didn’t know what to expect. But as soon as I sat down I felt comfortable and at ease. I came to the session with the desire to understand some things about myself that had been bothering me a lot. I opened up with Luca and I noticed that through his sincere and deep empathy my emotions started to come out and I was more and more becoming more aware of my inner blocks. But he didn’t stop there. After helping me this way, we started the action phase to help me implement those changes that were necessary for my life. I must say that I felt like a big weight had been lifted from my heart and a new energy, that I now realize had been always inside of me, started to pervade my whole being. And I came out having the tools to keep feeling this way!”

Milena Maggione, Finale Ligure – Genoa


“I welcome the invitation of my friend Luca to give my impressions on the life coaching experience. I think it has been an effective experience that has helped me grow and evolve. A guided introspection has lead to a greater clarity of my own professional and life’s objectives. Luca leads the coaching sessions combining the use of tools with an accurate empathy. After these sessions, I had the feeling of being lighter and more focused, both in an inner sense and in what I want to achieve in life”

Daniele Corso, Rome